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Redesign Beer Labels for Local Brewery

When we were assigned to redesign beer labels for my Adobe class I think my first thought was don't these people get paid thousands of dollars to do this? Why would they entertain the idea of a student getting involved. I went into this project with the attitude of just enjoy it, and be grateful for the opportunity to work with a client and learn. I chose to showcase my diversity of design skills by not doing them all uniform, but instead making them all incredibly different, just like the beers they identify. I wound up having a great time on this project and look forward to many more in the near and distant future!


This project really drove home the need to pay close attention to the design plan. Once you've developed the color scheme, fonts, attitude, and other design elements it's important to stick to it. My experience in hospitality had brought me into contact with lots of different people and sometimes you have to mold the way you talk and interact with people to get a message across most effectively. I enjoyed the projects that built upon each other in a way that when you saw the total package you had so much to be proud of yourself for!

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Recognizing how packaging, color and placement of design elements plays into the consumer's thought process  is very important when designing product packaging. I had to incorporate the principles of design to ensure the overall design flowed well and when the client I was hoping to reach saw the product they were engaged. I know projects like this are very important to potential clients. If one is to spend top dollar and packaging and marketing for that matter they want to be without a doubt in their mind that that it was dollars well spent!


Designing this layout for a local tattoo shop in town was extremely rewarding. I hope you can see the differences between this website and the one to my right and see how the themes and design elements greatly differ.  I think most of us have been scrolling the web and come across some totally awful website designs. They have the smallest type on the selection menus that you have to scroll in, fonts that were popular in the 1990's. For most of my experience working on this project in Adobe XD I felt comfortable with all the controls going where they needed to go and only including things that were absolutely necessary. For a tattoo shop, the images are needed much more than a monologue or a rundown of reviews. I allowed people to see the art and make their minds up! 

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Once you grasp the double box around photos in Indesign it becomes super user friendly. I think for people who work in publications it's so essential that margins line spacing and the proportions of both images and text are flawless. I think humans, while super engulfed in digital media and the ease of the information available on the world wide web, but we mustn't forget the ease of something right there in the palm of your hand like a brochure or flyer!

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