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Hi my name is Lenore Howard. I'm a lot of things, but for the purposes of this website I am a

graphic designer and an artist who loves

all mediums but mostly having fun!

Hopefully you'll take some time to browse

my site and see the projects I have done.

If you see something that trips your trigger

I would love to speak to you about

your ideas! I absolutely love graphic design

and pride myself on being versatile

If it's an idea that's important to you,

I'd love to help.

Thank you for stopping by!



Getting Started



A logo is the first thing a potential customer or client will see that can make or break whether they want to enter a relationship. Believe it or not logo's can hurt your business. so don't hesitate if you think it's time for new logo. Let's talk and get down to business!



What makes your business great? Let's tell the world with easy-to-read graphics printed in a custom brochure, pamphlet or flier that's customized to you. Powerpoint if well-designed can still be effective! Get the word out, but do it with style.



Your business is your brand. Effective branding can showcase your work ethic and highlights your strengths, Without it, you could deter potential customers + prospective employees! 

Invest in your Business! 

Invest in your Branding!

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